What is Office 365 and why should my business be using it?

There’s no avoiding the cloud, it’s here to stay. When cloud technology first emerged, Microsoft was quick to embrace it. And it’s no surprise that the software giant is now positioned at the forefront of cloud technology with its flagship productivity suite, Office 365. Office 365 is proof that cloud technology just keeps getting better.[…]

The cloud: not just for the birds

You hear about it every day, but do you really know what cloud computing is? Do you know what providers are talking about when they sell ‘Software as a Service’? Let us explain. Forget your local computer. Forget on-site servers. The cloud is all about storing and accessing data and programs over the internet. The[…]

Office 365 v Google Apps: Why Office 365 is the smart choice for your business

From a distance, it may appear that Google Apps and Office 365 pose a similar offering in the world of cloud-based productivity tools (email, documents, calendar and file-sharing). Take a closer look and you will see that Microsoft’s cloud-enabled products come with the reliability, ease of integration and security that you would expect from the[…]

Ransomware, malware, viruses. How to stay one step ahead of cyber attack.

As technology gets smarter, so too do the cyber criminals. These days, cybercrime is so clever not even technologies like Point of Sale systems, ATMs and routers are immune to attack. Whether you’re running a home office or a major corporation security breaches can, and will, happen. The best way to combat cyber attack is[…]