How small businesses can save thousands by using the cloud.

Still not convinced about the cloud? Here are four ways it will save your business thousands

Looking for a way to get a competitive edge and stay one step ahead of your competitors? Look to the cloud.

Products like Office365, online CRM software packages and cloud storage programs help businesses streamline, speed up and enhance their offering to customers. Not only do these cloud solutions improve efficiency, but they also save businesses thousands.

If you’re still not convinced about the cloud, here are four ways using the cloud will save you money.

1) Remote Access Saves on Travel Costs

The ability to do business over the internet gives any business (no matter its size or services) easy access to the global marketplace. There’s no denying this is great for expanding your business, but it can incur extra costs when it comes to maintaining staff who work remotely and clients located in far-flung places. Travel costs start to add up.

Working on the cloud allows staff to work anywhere while having the same level of access to business data as they would if they were in the office. Office365 is your office in the cloud and is a seamless solution that allows staff to access emails, calendars and files anywhere they have an internet connection. This same cloud technology can also be used to meet with new clients, carry out training or present to customers.

2) Quick Responses Save you from Missing the Boat

The early bird catches the worm. Responding quickly to customer enquiries is the best way to stay ahead of competitors. These days, consumers expect a fast response, they won’t hang around until you’re back in the office. Having access to emails, files, and marketing collateral wherever you are is the best way to avoid missing out on new business.

3) Software on the Cloud Saves on Hardware and Server Costs

Running your business on the cloud allows you to avoid the cost of on-premise servers and the issues that arise when these servers no longer meet demand. Capital expenditure is reduced when hardware or software costs are removed and replaced with annual subscription fees. Users of Office 365 pay an annual subscription, which ensures they have the latest version of software at all times.

4) Cloud Storage Saves you from the Huge Cost of Data Loss

How would your business recover if you experienced a burglary, an earthquake or a major event that caused all computers to crash? Think about the time it would take to recover your data and get your business back up and running.

If your data isn’t backed up off-site, the cost of a major data loss is almost immeasurable. Cloud storage is the most secure way of providing a reliable backup solution for your business. It ensures a safe distance between your office and your data. These days, cloud storage has a proven track record of safe and reliable performance. The security offered by the major players in offsite data storage would surpass anything the average small to medium-sized business has for onsite security.

With major advances in the performance and reliability of cloud technology over the last five years, can your business afford not to switch?

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