November 17, 2015

Cloud Services

Work Smarter in the Cloud

Cloud services for simple, smart solutions.

Change the way you do business. Do business in the cloud.

Looking for a smarter, simpler more efficient way to run your office? The Computer Professor is your expert cloud solution provider. Talk to us about the cloud and break free from the constraints of physical infrastructure and fixed capacity.

Join us in the Cloud. It’s where clever organisations do business.IMG_1123

Running a small business is tough. It’s not always easy to get the balance right. Cloud products like Office365, online CRM software packages and cloud storage programs help businesses streamline, speed up and enhance their offering to customers. By making the switch to the cloud you’ll always know you have one aspect of your business right; your IT. Regardless of your organisation’s size or budget, the cloud is an efficient and scalable solution to a common problem for small to medium-sized businesses.

Increase productivity without increasing the hassle.

You’ll never have the cost and hassle of file storage, backup storage and network upgrades.

How cloud solutions help you work smarter:

       You have the freedom to increase your capacity and your software capability as your business grows.
       Respond to enquiries or orders anywhere, anytime with instant access to your office online.
       Avoid the need for fixed infrastructure, which can quickly become inadequate or out of date.
       Cloud Backup puts a safe distance between you and your data – a reliable and smart way to run your office backup and storage.
       You and your staff can work from anywhere.
       Deliver presentations or training over the web and remove the cost and strain of travel.

About to move office or update old servers? It’s the perfect time to make the move to cloud computing. Talk to us today.

Office 365. Microsoft in the Cloud.

Do business better. Do business online with Office 365.

The Computer Professor is a Silver Status Microsoft Partner and certified supplier of Office365 cloud services. We’ve helped hundreds of businesses get the competitive edge by unlocking the power of Office 365, the cloud-based version of Microsoft Office.

Office 365 is at the forefront of cloud technology, backed up by the global software giant, Microsoft. Need convincing? Here are just some of the benefits of working with Office 365:

–       Provides a seamless office environment allowing you to sync between all devices, share calendars, contacts and files with co-workers.
–       There is no limit to the amount of cloud storage you can use.
–       You never have to purchase new software for updates; automatic updates are included.
–       All users on the network have the same version of software making it easy to collaborate with co-workers.
–       There’s no need to purchase a physical product, it’s all done through a yearly subscription.
–       Microsoft’s data security easily exceeds anything the average small to medium-sized business runs for its onsite security.

Want to know more about Office 365? Talk to us today.