Remote IT Support: Help is only a click away

We know… sometimes it’s a bit of a pain.

Trying to get work done while the IT guy is on your machine.  Or trying to serve customers while a technician crawls over the counter.

There are many cases where it’s just not convenient to have your IT support person on site.  Did you know many common day-to-day IT support needs can be resolved remotely?  These days everyone from large corporations to solo operators are utilising remote IT support and reaping the benefits.  You might be running a busy restaurant, a hectic office, or perhaps you’re just the kind of person who would prefer not to be interrupted.  Remote IT support is often the fastest, most efficient way to get basic servicing, updates and problem-solving tasks done.

Setting Up Remote IT Access

Setting up remote IT support is an easy process.  Normally, it’s simply a matter of downloading a piece of software that allows the technician to connect to your network over the internet.  If you decide to switch to Remote IT support, one of our best tips is to set up remote access and logins now.  It saves worrying about the setup process when you’re in the middle of a crisis that needs a speedy resolution.

If you’re not sure if Remote IT support is the right choice for you, here are some of the ways it has helped our customers:

Cost Savings

With no travel time involved, your IT costs are reduced.  Whether it’s the IT support technician travelling to you, or you travelling to them with your machine, remote access helps keep costs down.

More Efficient

In some cases, it’s just not convenient (or practical) to have an IT person on site.  This might be the case if you’re running a restaurant or a retail store and don’t want customers to see a technician.  It’s often the case in a busy office where the IT support person may need to wait while staff finish meetings or breaks.  Keeping the technician waiting will only end up costing you more.

Remote Staff

The benefits of remote IT support also extend to any staff you have working remotely.  It’s easy to support these external staff when scheduled updates are made or fixes are required.

Fast Response

In many cases, a same day on-site visit from your IT support company will end up costing a premium.  With remote access, it’s easy to get a fast response to an emergency situation.

After Hours

After hours support is easy when remote access is set up.  There are many scenarios when after hours access is required.  Accessing the network remotely after hours is often more efficient for both the client and the IT technician.

More sustainable

If your business has a focus on being green, remote IT access will help reduce your carbon footprint by keeping cars off the road.

Is Remote IT Access Secure?

It’s always important to ensure that the IT support company you work with is trustworthy. One thing to be aware of is that you should NEVER give remote access to your systems to anyone that you do not know or trust.  There is a saying that goes once an unknown person has had access to your PC, you no longer own that PC.

There will always be some IT support tasks that require the technician on-site, like hardware installation or network cabling.   But in many cases, most basic services, software updates or resolving minor issues can be handled by remote access.

If you’d prefer not to see us, that’s ok (we won’t take it personally)!

The Computer Professor offers secure, remote IT support for a wide range of customers, no matter what their size.  Talk to us today about setting up remote IT support for your business, and relax knowing we are only a few clicks away.