The cloud: not just for the birds

You hear about it every day, but do you really know what cloud computing is? Do you know what providers are talking about when they sell ‘Software as a Service’? Let us explain. Forget your local computer. Forget on-site servers. The cloud is all about storing and accessing data and programs over the internet. The[…]

Leave it to the experts: Why you should outsource your IT Support

Unless you’re thinking of ditching the computer for a chalkboard… or swapping your laptop for paper and a pencil, dealing with IT issues is an inevitable part of running a small business. Whether it’s help with software upgrades, training, or recovering from a disaster, IT support is a service no business can survive without. While[…]

How small businesses can save thousands by using the cloud.

Still not convinced about the cloud? Here are four ways it will save your business thousands Looking for a way to get a competitive edge and stay one step ahead of your competitors? Look to the cloud. Products like Office365, online CRM software packages and cloud storage programs help businesses streamline, speed up and enhance[…]