What is Office 365 and why should my business be using it?

There’s no avoiding the cloud, it’s here to stay.

When cloud technology first emerged, Microsoft was quick to embrace it. And it’s no surprise that the software giant is now positioned at the forefront of cloud technology with its flagship productivity suite, Office 365.

Office 365 is proof that cloud technology just keeps getting better. Based on a very impressive track record, Office 365 has silenced those who may have held concerns over security and privacy of data on the cloud.

If you’re thinking about making the switch to a smart office, Microsoft has pretty much nailed it with Office 365. With the ability to sync emails between all devices, share calendar items, contacts and files with co-workers, this is a seamless solution for those looking to future-proof their office setup.

There are a lot of reasons to love Office 365, but what it fundamentally does is provide a reliable enterprise grade solution for today’s flexible office… and it does it very well.

It’s Microsoft Office, but not as you know it….

Office 365 is a hosted, online email and file sharing platform that integrates natively with your locally installed Microsoft Office suite (this is the Outlook, Word and Excel software that we’re all so familiar with). There are also online office apps that you can use to edit documents if you wish. Users pay a subscription fee for Microsoft’s range of services and in return they have ongoing access to the latest version of Office software and apps and a virtually unlimited amount of online cloud storage.

Office 365 is a huge product with a lot to offer. But for the sake of those who don’t have a few spare hours, we’ll run through some of the key benefits Office 365 offers if you’re looking for a clever IT solution for your business. Here’s the abridged version:

Work anywhere

For business customers, Office 365 is your office… anywhere (even poolside). Office 365 offers hosted email that syncs between all devices. This allows you, or your staff, to access emails anywhere internet access is available. Any mail sent from a phone or other device is available on your PC or Mac. And because it’s the cloud, all your data is always available. If you lose your laptop, you won’t lose your data.

Always up to date

Imagine never working on old or unsupported versions of Office software again. With the Office 365 subscription, users have the latest software at all times shared across multiple PCs/Macs, iOS, Android or Windows devices. By paying a subscription, you avoid the upfront cost of software purchases.

IT support

The need for onsite IT support can be minimised by using Office 365. A lot of maintenance tasks and infrastructure support are removed, as they are functions that become managed by Microsoft as part of the Office 365 service. Of course, there will always be times when support is needed. Working with a Microsoft Certified Partner is the best way to ensure you get the highest level of support.

Storage capacity

If you’re familiar with Microsoft’s One Drive, then you’ll know how Microsoft’s cloud storage works. The bonus of using Office 365 is that you have no limit to the amount of storage you can keep on the cloud. This is a pretty appealing enticement, as a standard Microsoft account normally gives you just 15GB of cloud storage. And we all know that doesn’t go far these days, even for a small office.

Happy people

Providing a consistent and optimised experience for staff that work remotely or while travelling is key to keeping them happy. Office 365 allows staff to work efficiently from remote locations across different devices. Cleverly, previously synced emails and documents can be accessed even without internet access.

Choose the way you use it

If you’re feeling hesitant, you can choose to dip your toe in the waters of cloud storage. It’s easy to work with a hybrid set up allowing you to keep specified documents on the cloud and other data stored locally.


We understand there are concerns around privacy and security when storing sensitive data on the cloud. Microsoft has a proven track record for excellent performance in this area. The security offered by Microsoft’s data storage centres would surpass anything the average small to medium-sized business runs for onsite security. Microsoft’s commitment to privacy includes an assurance that users’ private data is not used for advertising purposes, unlike other cloud companies.

What you need to get started

Very simply, the requirements for getting started with Office 365 are minimal. But… there are a few things to consider first. So, if you’d like to move your office online, talk to us and we’ll work out the best solution to suit your requirements.

It’s important to do your homework before you jump in and migrate your entire office to Office 365. Get in touch with The Computer Professor today to find out how Office 365 can make your office smarter, more efficient and accessible from a resort pool in Fiji with cocktail in hand.

The Computer Professor is a Microsoft Certified Supplier of Office 365 and has achieved Microsoft Partner Silver status for small and mid-market cloud solutions.

The migration to Office 365 can be done seamlessly with no (or very little) downtime. Over the last few years, we’ve helped many Queenstown businesses successfully migrate their organisation to Office 365.